Solar Energy is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Generate up to 100% of your hot water and heating, day and night, for a more comfortable home


For over 9 years we have been designing and installing Thermodynamic systems in domestic and commercial premises as a way of efficiently saving on domestic and commercial running costs and reducing carbon emissions.

Synagia Solar Thermodynamic Systems

The Synagia Solar Thermodynamic Panel System represents the very latest in efficient water heating technology.

Based upon fridge/freezer technology and components, it is well proven and reliable.

The Systems are simple, robust, highly efficient and cost effective.

Zero maintenance.

Long life

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Synagia Smart Heating System

The Synagia Smart Heating System provides the very latest Smart applications combine with the thermodynamic system to provide a central heating system of the future.

Each room and living area is controlled dynamically on a minute by minute basis to ensure absolute efficiency in the use of energy.

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RHS Biomass System

Renewable Heat Services is a leading and innovative company specialising in the design, procurement and installation of renewable heat systems for large Care Homes.

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The System

The Synagia Solar Thermodynamic Hot Water System represents the very latest in water heating technology. It works day and night, winter and summer, in all weathers providing you with domestic hot water 365 days a year and saving you up to 70% on the fuel used to heat your hot water. The system was developed and introduced very successfully in the EU over the last ten years. It comprises of  solar collector/absorber panels which can be installed in your loft, on the outside wall of your property or as a last resort on your roof.

The solar assisted heat pump that we retrofit to your existing hot water cylinder, heating the water to 60°C.



Why choose the Synagia Solar Thermodynamic Hot water System?

• Generates up to 100% of your hot water
• Works day & night, winter and summer
• Provides hot water up to 55°C
• Works in all weather conditions down
to -15°C
• Hot water at a fraction of Oil, Gas or
Electric costs
• Panel can be fitted North, South, East or
West facing